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It's the Recon "Graves X" green vinyl, but with a limited edition Christmas-themed silkscreened cover. These were made for a Christmas-time show, but we have some left. Limited one-time edition of 50 - a lot less that that are left. Hand-numbered on the back.

UPDATE: JUST FOUND SOME MORE. I thought we had sold the rest of the leftovers a year ago but I just found a few more. Once these are sold, that’s it!

Track Listing

  1. Burn This City
  2. Nowhere To Run
  3. How It Ends
  4. This Is Real
  5. Revenge
  6. Graves
  7. Thirteen
  8. Thirteen 2007
  9. Viper City 2007
  10. Disrespect 2004
  11. Side By Side 2004
  12. Self Pity 2004
  13. Nowhere To Run 2005

Pressing Information

Only 50 ever.